Departure to Vence with Maud!

Anecdotes about Vence to shine in society...

This tourist town with its narrow streets is full of historical attractions, particularly within its completely preserved medieval walls. Stroll through the narrow streets and you will surely come face to face with the smallest cathedral in France. 

Let's talk with Maud ! 

Maud? She is a booking agent, based in Lambersart in the Lille metropolis. Maud is part of a team of 4 people who manage your requests, your bookings or your needs, either by email or by phone. Maud is also there to answer your questions about the destinations, and many of you have questions! It is essential to know each of the Evancy destinations well to be able to talk about them, and Maud's favourite is Vence! Why is that? For its exotic side... the palm trees, the swimming pool and the cicadas that make you dream and evoke holidays! 

Want to know more about our colleague?

Maud is 24 years old and has been working at Evancy since 2020. After having worked in a Tour Operator in Canada for more than a year, Tabernacle, Maud decided to come back to her native land, the Lille metropolis, and because she "isn't sitting on her steak" (a Canadian expression meaning that she isn't lazy) she joined the Evancy team for her greatest pleasure.

In fact, today, for Maud, the synonym for Evancy is "pleasant"!