A few days with your family in Bray Dunes

Summer will be beautiful, summer will be hot, in the T-shirts, in the swimming costumes!

Once this music is playing in your brain, it's time to book your stay in Bray-Dunes! Bray-Dunes ok, but to do what? Here is something to keep the family busy for a few days.

Friday 22 July: Drink an aperitif with your feet in the sea ! 

The weekend can finally begin! The suitcases are put in the flat, the swimming costume is put on, the sunglasses in the bag. 3,2,1, go! The beach is yours! By the way, do you feel like having an aperitif on the sand? Don't feel like preparing tonight's meal? Then don't hesitate to go to the restaurant La Dune à l'Envers (we love their mussels and their chorizo burger!) 

Saturday 23 July: Family day at Plopsaland! 

Holidays I forget everything, nothing to do at all... What if we took advantage of a family day to enjoy ourselves? Let's meet at Plopsaland, an amusement park dedicated to the whole family, only a few minutes away from our residences in Bray-Dunes. The good news? We offer discounted tickets for this park at the reception (or on our website when you book)! 

Sunday 24 July: Operation sandcastle competition! 

Is it time to go? Why leave so quickly? Just because you've vacated your flat doesn't mean you have to leave Bray-Dunes! Evancy proposes to challenge you during a family contest of the most beautiful sand castle from 10am to 12pm under the eyes of the Plopsaland mascot who will motivate you! To win? 2 tickets for Plopsaland, enough to make you want to come back for a holiday!