Carnival in France: colourful festivals!

Carnival? It's much more than just a party! The origins of this joyous and colourful celebration go back to antiquity. It then crossed borders and eras to become an integral part of certain cultures. While the reputation of many carnivals, such as Rio and Venice, is well established, we'd like to take you on a tour of the finest carnivals in France. 


The origins of carnival can be traced back to ancient civilisations, where festivities generally marked the change of seasons or agricultural cycles, for example. In France, the history of carnival dates back to the Middle Ages and was associated with religious rituals before evolving over time into a more inclusive celebration, reflecting cultural and social diversity. Colours, extravagant costumes, parades and frenzied dancing became the mainstays of this festival like no other. In France, each region began to add its own touch to carnival, adding a local dimension to a celebration that was nonetheless universal. The festivities vary, but the joy and conviviality remain the same! 



Every year, the Nice carnival transforms the Côte d'Azur into a spectacle of colour, music and magic. It takes place every year from the end of February to the beginning of March, with a different theme for each edition. One of the most emblematic traditions of the Nice carnival is the famous Battle of the Flowers. Floats march past, covered in thousands of fresh flowers, creating a veritable spectacle of different colours and aromas. As well as the traditional parades and the Battle of the Flowers, the city also organises open-air concerts, fireworks displays and themed evenings throughout the carnival.


If you want to discover the most festive carnival in France, we invite you to the city of Dunkirk. Originally a festival organised for fishermen before they set off to sea, over the centuries the carnival has become one of the liveliest events in France. Every year, the traditional Dunkirk 'gang', made up of merry costumed participants, parades through the streets of Dunkirk and livens up the city with song, dance and infectious energy. The carnival is also marked by a number of high points, such as the "herring throw", one of the most emblematic rituals in which fishermen throw salted herrings into the crowd. This symbolic gesture recalls the maritime origins of carnival and creates unforgettable memories for young and old alike. Beyond that, the Dunkirk carnival lasts for several weeks to the rhythm of the balls, all of which have their own particularity and importance, and allow children and adults alike to enjoy themselves.


The carnival in Menton, a small seaside town on the Italian border, attracts a huge number of visitors every year. One of the must-see events of the Menton carnival is its night-time parade known as "les jardins de lumiière": the floats are decorated and illuminated by thousands of lights, creating an enchanting spectacle along the promenade du soleil. During the carnival, a competition called "le citron d'or" (the golden lemon) is also organised, in which the participants create huge sculptures out of argrumes, transforming the town into an open-air museum.


To round off our list of the most beautiful carnivals in France, we're off to the heart of Normandy. The Granville Carnival attracts thousands of visitors every year, captivated by its unique charm, lively parades and above all its authentic, festive atmosphere. One of the most emblematic features of this carnival is the parade at sea. Local fishermen decorate their boats and create a magnificent nautical procession along the coast. Spectators on the beach are treated to a magnificent spectacle as they admire the boats decked out in traditional colours and decorations.


In July, the city of Paris invites us to celebrate with its Tropical Carnival, a true cultural fusion showcasing the diversity of tropical cultures from around the world. Troops from the four corners of the globe parade through the streets of Paris, sharing the richness of their traditions through dazzling dances, music and costumes. The Paris Tropical Carnival parade is one of the highlights of the event, with richly decorated floats carrying dancers through the streets of the French capital. It's a unique opportunity to celebrate diversity in a festive atmosphere where everyone is welcome. To make the most of Carnaval Tropical de Paris, be sure to check the official programme for times of parades and special events.