A real dog's life !

Holy cow! At Evancy, dogs are also entitled to a proper holiday! That's why we have launched the "Wickedly cool holidays" operation!

In collaboration with emmenetonchien.com, we have set up VIP reception areas for our four-legged friends!

On the residences Villa les Margats in Bray-Dunes and Trésors d'Opale in Sainte Cécile, dogs are not only welcome, they are expected, the Qualidog label proves it!

In addition to being accepted in our accommodation, they are received with kindness! As soon as they arrive, a welcome card is provided with a list of places to walk around the residence where dogs are accepted (list of beaches where dogs are allowed, hiking trails, parks...) so that owners don't have any questions once the leash is installed. In addition, a dog bowl is provided in the flats so that dogs can quickly acclimatise to their stay and feel at home!

Finally, the Evancy slogan "Here at home" really does apply to the whole family, without exception!

Are you ready for a lovely holiday with your dog?