Our top 12 of the most beautiful beaches in the north of France

Looking for new adventures ? We will take you to the north of France on the Opal Coast to discover the most beautiful beaches in the region ! The ones you absolutely must visit as soon as possible. 

Contrary to popular belief, the North of France is amazing and rich in landscapes. To prove it to you, we have decided to present you 10 beautiful beaches of fine sand where it is good to walk in all seasons & even dare to laze and swim on beautiful summer days. Everything you need for a successful stay in the north of France ! 

A paradise for hull fishermen, wave-lovers and children curious and eager for new adventures...the beaches of the Opal Coast are a small, unspoilt paradise that you will be eager to discover! 

Let's go to Camiers Sainte-Cécile's Beach

At once natural, family & wild, the beach of Camiers-Sainte-Cécile is part of the one that puts everyone in agreement. It is an ideal holiday setting where it's nice to walk with your hair in the wind with wild dunes in the background. If you dream of breathing the iodised air of this small seaside resort, we invite you to come and stay in our brand new Camiers Sainte-Cécile residence

Serenity in Berck Sur Mer

Berck sur Mer has a long white sandy beach that attract a lot of people for its small colourful cabins which are very photogenic. Don't miss the bay of the Authie where you can see seals at low tide : a breathtaking sight ! Moreover, every year in spring, the beach of Berck sur Mer hosts the international kite flying meetings. An event that brings together several thousand people each time. 

Bray Dunes Beach: the good life !

We are in the northern part of the Côte d'Opale, a region that is also known as the "Dune of Flanders".10 kilometres long, Bray-Dunes beach has a charm all its own. Alongside a large esplanade where it's nice to stroll, you only have to walk a few dozen metres between the beach and the ice cream vendors. If you dream of strolling along the dunes, the beach of this small family resort is the perfect place to recharge your batteries and build sand castles all year round! 

Wissant, the one who has nothing to envy to the French Riviera

If there is one place in the north of France that amazes every visitor, it is the beach at Wissant! Classified and considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in France, it benefits from an exceptional panorama between the Cap Blanc nez & Cap Gris nez. 

It is the perfect place for sportsmen and women who love kitesurfing or sand yachting and who have fun all year round to the rhythm of the tides. A must during a stay on the Opal Coast: expect to fall in love with this beach and its small fishing village.

Hardelot: the beach that thymes with chic and authentic

Located right next to our residence in Equihen-Hardelot, many of us appreciate the tranquility of this beach with its small blue and white cabins. The tranquillity of this small seaside resort will delight young and old alike.

Le Touquet: the elegant & reputable

More than just a beach, it is a true symbol. Le Touquet beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful of the Opal Coast and you can understand why. With its 17 kilometres of fine sandy beach & its numerous activities it delights thousands of visitors every year. On foot or by bike, you will love to stroll along the loop of dunes, the footpath that borders the beach. This is the favourite destination for Parisians on the Opal Coast as Le Touquet station allows you to travel from Paris to Le Touquet in just 3 hours by TGV. 

Proof of a preserved coastline at Oye Plage

Situated in the heart of the Platier d'Oye nature reserve between the communes of Calais & Gravelines and has 3 beaches. The latter are ideal for nature lovers and those who want to let their dogs run free in the middle of the fauna and flora. Indeed, it is a little frequented place, even in the middle of summer. If you want to have break & some rest, our residence at Oye-Plage is located just a few hundred metres from this 100% natural beach

Boulogne Sur Mer: more than just a beach

Boulogne-sur-Mer beach is a whole and represents much more than just a beach: it is an integral part of the city's maritime life. It is appreciated above all for its proximity to the town centre, its fish market, not forgetting its typical little beach cabins. The ideal beach to discover during a city-trip in the Boulonnais! 

The promise of a timeless beach at Escalles

Le Cran d'Escalles is a preserved site & a surprising place nestled in the heart of the Cap Blanc nez, only 13km from Calais. We advise you to arrive at low tide in order to discover the long sandy beach but if you arrive at high tide, caution will be the key word! 

Soon the waves will come crashing against the white chalk cliffs and it is a completely different spectacle, sometimes a little mystical, which will be offered to you. Raise your eyes to the horizon, if the weather is clear, you will even have the chance to admire the English coasts only a few kilometres away.

Relax in Wimereux

Beyond its proximity to Boulogne-sur-Mer and its undeniable charm, Wimereux beach is the flagship of the oldest seaside resort on the Opal Coast! When the temperatures are warm in the heart of summer, you can take advantage of a natural swimming pool to swim. But good news for those who don't like salt water too much: you can always chill on the beach or walk there from January to December. 

Ambleteuse, the majestic

Above all known for its small traditional fishing village, Ambleteuse also has a very special beach. You will be surprised to discover a 17th century fort on its sandbank. At high tide, the sandbank is surrounded by the sea and when the storm arrives and the wind rises, Fort Mahon is literally submerged by the waves. It is the last fort at sea in the region, making Ambleteuse a beach not to be missed in the region for its cultural side. 

All in simplicity at Malo Les Bains

Just a stone's throw from Dunkirk and Bray-Dunes, the beach of Malo les bains is where the people of Lille meet as soon as the first rays of sunshine arrive.

Water sports are numerous there thanks to a beach of nearly 4 kilometres where one likes to stroll, daydream, and even sunbathe when the weather allows it. the good news is that after a short walk on the beach, you will be only a few meters away from the many bars and restaurants of the town.

Moreover, it is worth noting that the resort is less concrete than its Belgian neighbours and that it is very pleasant to admire the sunset on the esplanade.

Finally, if you feel like it, you can even walk to the beach of Leffrinckoucke (photo below) to discover its World War II bunker; there are many bunkers in this area. 

Here are the 12 most important beaches of the Opal Coast: those where it is good to stroll and that we advise everyone to visit during a stay in the North of France. We hope we have convinced you that the beaches of the North of France are more than just sunbathing and swimming. The Opal Coast is much more than that. Organising a photo trip, going crab hunting, discovering the local fauna & flora or even learning how to use a sand yacht... the activities are numerous and can be enjoyed by everyone ! 

Are you looking for a hotel or holiday rental to enjoy the region? Take advantage of the proximity of our Evancy tourist residences to the most beautiful beaches of the Opal Coast to discover them during your stay.