Located on the French Riviera, Europe's largest marine theme park promises entertainment for the whole family. We bet you've already dreamed of going out to meet marine mammals. It's a must-see during your stay on the French Riviera ! We will take you on a discovery tour of this unique park in the world and inform you about everything you need to know to organise your visit to Marineland.


Orcas, polar bears, dolphins, sea lions, seals, penguins, Caribbean flamingos, sharks, rays, turtles... At the Marineland Park of Antibes you will meet more than 3000 different species. It is a discovery that will take you to the 4 corners of the planet and fascinate you ! 

The Marineland Park was created in 1970 by Roland de la Poype. From the beginning, the main objective was to make the marine world known to as many people as possible.Today Marineland is a success which fascinates thousands of visitors with its different types of animals including fish, reptiles, mammals and birds.


In addition, Marineland is an important local player: it participates in several marine animal conservation programmes and is one of the most visited zoological establishments in France. The park has also set up a conservation research centre to study and learn more about the marine world. Finally, it is also important to note that certain professionals at Marineland Park are authorised to intervene in the event of the stranding of certain marine animals. 

The park also has an association called the "Marineland Association". For example, in 2017 it opened a care and rehabilitation centre for turtles. Turtles are then taken in charge and cared for by Marineland's carers and could not be cared for without the existence of this association. The Marineland association is therefore a great way to raise awareness of the marine environment and to try to preserve it.  


The park offers many activities in addition to your classic visit. For example, you can organise a meeting with dolphins at Marineland, interact with them and discover them in their environment, under the eyes of a dolphin keeper who will make you experience a magical moment.

Dolphins are often the favourites animals during a visit to Marineland. The park has 12 dolphins: the oldest Sharky, a male born in 1980 while the youngest Ollie is a female born in 2020. An encounter with dolphins costs 70€ per person at Marineland.

Killer whales are mammals that are also very popular with visitors. Marineland is the only French park to present killer whales to the general public, which makes it a unique park on a national level but also on a European level. The park has 4 killer whales named Inouk, Wikie, Moana and Keijo. They live and evolve in a set of 5 basins filled with natural sea water and it is possible to discover and meet them during the various performances. It will cost €69 per person to experience a unique encounter with these mammals.

The other animals of the park people really love are polar bears. There are two polar bears at Marineland: Rasputin and Flocke, born in 2006 and 2007 in Europe.


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At the Marineland park everyone is happy to share its passion for the marine world through various activities. Throughout your visit, you will discover and learn a thousand things about the life of marine animals. Whether it is their environment, their way of reproduction or their rules of life, you will get answers to all the questions you may have. The park's educational and animal services will enable you to return home with new knowledge. At Marineland, leisure and learning go hand in hand ! 


The Marineland Park invites you to discover the world of the sea through a variety of educational activities and performances. Shows with dolphins, killer whales and sea lions are programmed every day. This is an opportunity for visitors to learn more about the particularities of these animals. You will see, the animals will be very proud to show you their prowess.

At the end of each performance, Marineland's animators and trainers are available to answer any questions you may have. More than just shows, these are real moments of exchange and complicity between you, the animals and the handlers. 


The park has an aquarium with species all totally different from each other. For example, you can discover different types of sharks such as nurse sharks or bull sharks. You will be able to go through a 30-metre glass tunnel: a shark on your right, another on your left, or who knows, maybe even above your head! Impressive, don't you think? It's a spectacle that is likely to amaze you and maybe even send shivers down your spine. 

But it's not only sharks that might surprise you! The Antibes Marineland aquarium is a whole ecosystem. There are also seahorses, tortures, fish and rays. 


If you decide to come and visit Marineland with your family, you won't regret it: the visit will delight young and old alike! Whatever their age, your children will probably love discovering the marine world and seeing the different cetaceans. It's a grandiose show that will stand before their dreamy eyes. 

At Marineland you will even find an amusement park dedicated to children. "Kid's Island" welcomes you with your cherubs and promises you an unforgettable day. You will be able to enjoy a variety of attractions: between the various playgrounds, water rides and small sensations you will laugh and create new memories as a family. Of course, during your walk around Kid's Island you will also be able to discover many animals: 

- On the one hand, you will find farm animals: donkeys, goats, chickens...

- and on the other, more exotic animals such as lemurs or gerbils from the 4 corners of the world. 

The magic of Marineland is that your children will have the pleasure of meeting the animals and even take part by putting themselves in the shoes of a caretaker or taking a pony ride. 

You can find the price of a Kid's Island ticket directly on the Marineland website. We recommend that you book your ticket directly online for the best price. 


Although Marineland is of course known largely for its pools and marine animals, it also has other assets. As said before, you will find the amusement park Kid's Island for the little ones, but not only!

 At Marineland you will also find Aquasplash, a water park where you will find many activities for children and adults alike. Here you can relax and have a few laughs with your family between the various water attractions. The good news is that you can even buy combination tickets so you can enjoy Aquasplash as much as you enjoy the marine park! Ideal for a family holiday! 

Golf enthusiasts are not forgotten and will find what they are looking for at AdventureGolf. Accessible to all, as it is a minigolf course, everyone can try their hand at golf at Marineland. 

Finally, you will also find a lagoon if you wish to swim or relax on the beach. 


If you are preparing your visit to Marineland and are wondering where you will be able to eat we have the answer for you. You won't be disappointed and you're sure to find something to satisfy your taste buds. At Marineland, you can choose between several establishments and types of food, and you just have to choose between what you feel like at the moment and your budget. 

There are fast-food restaurants and traditional restaurants such as Marina Bay, which is the largest restaurant in the park. Fish, hot dogs or even an all-you-can-eat buffet, there is something for everyone. 

There is something to eat all day long. For a snack, for example, you will also have the choice between all kinds of sweets and pleasures: ice cream, cotton candy or smoothies await you at the 4 corners of the park. 

However, be careful about the time of year you visit the park. Indeed, some of the catering points are only open in high season during the summer. It is therefore important to check which ones are open when you arrive in the park. 

If you wish to bring your own picnic, that is also possible! However, it will be forbidden to eat it in the park. You will therefore have to go outside the park during your lunch break and return to eat at the car park level. You should therefore plan a little time in your day's programme so that you can eat as you wish, for example, by returning to your car to collect the necessary items. 


To find out the price of an entrance ticket to Marineland Antibes and anticipate your arrival, we advise you to go directly to the park's website, which has an online ticketing service. Please note that online booking will allow you to obtain a discount on the price of the ticket. The visit is free for children under 3 years old and there is a reduced rate for children up to 12 years old. Discounts are also available for students, disabled people, senior citizens and large families: it's up to you to find out which fare applies according to your situation. 


There are different ways to get to Marineland. 

The easiest is of course to come with your own vehicle. Indeed, by coming by car you will be flexible about your arrival and departure times, which will obviously allow you to enjoy your whole day. To come by car to Marineland it will take 25 minutes from Cannes and 20 minutes from Nice. However, please note that if you come to Marineland by car you will have to pay parking fees. The cost of parking at Marineland for 24 hours is 8.5 euros. 

It is also possible to come to Marineland by bus from Antibes, Villeneuve-Loubet, Biot, Nice and Cannes. To find out about bus times and current fares, we recommend that you visit the TAM and Envibus websites. 

Finally, there is also the option of taking the train, which can also be very practical as Biot station is only 200 metres from the Marineland park. 


If you are looking for a hotel near Marineland that will be able to welcome your whole family after your visit, stay at our residence in Vence. You can then enjoy our outdoor swimming pool after a nice day at the Antibes water park! Only 30 minutes drive from the park, our tourist residence Les Jardins d'Azur is the ideal base to enjoy a weekend or a holiday in Provence. Indeed, you will be far from the crowds of the big hotel complexes of the French Riviera and you will benefit from an exceptional setting in the heart of Provence. 

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Around park: 12km


Marineland has an exceptional location and it would be a pity not to take advantage of the many assets of the region when visiting the park. 

Antibes, where the park is located, is a city where the lifestyle is incomparable. Situated on the shores of the Mediterranean, its old town will delight you between its historical heritage and its Provencal market. Nature will also fill you with wonder and for this, we obviously recommend a stroll to the Cap d'Antibes. 

Antibes is also a good starting point to discover the cities of Nice and Cannes. A little more lively and tumultuous, these two cities are very different from each other, but are nevertheless a must if you have time after your visit to Marineland. 

Finally, we recommend that you go to the hinterland of Nice to discover the charm of Provence. Vence, for example, will delight you for its charm and tranquillity.