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Markets in Vence Côte d'Azur - Tourism & Holidays Guide

Vence Markets

Vence, a medieval, charming city where you can experience its authenticity and character at its daily markets. There you can find local products such as fruit & vegetables, second-hand books and furniture among other products. The location of our Holiday Suites residence in Vence, about 10 minutes from the markets, ensures that you can enjoy fresh and local products daily during your stay. You can find an overview of the products, time and places below…

Daily – Place du Grand Jardin

At Place du Grand Jardin there is a daily market where you can find fresh local products, perfect for shopping during your stay! The daily market brings local traders and producers together with a range that varies from fresh fruit and vegetables to pastry and honey. For flower lovers, there are also florists present every day with beautiful flowers.

Tuesday – Place Maréchal Juin

On Tuesdays you can visit the Place Maréchal Juin to enjoy the fashion and accessories that can be found there. The clothing has typical prints, warmer colors and give a bright feeling. The look of it gives a sense of art! You can also find this in accessories such as beach bags and scarves.

Wednesday – Place du Grand Jardin

For antique pieces and second-hand books, Place du Grand Jardin is the place to be on Wednesday! You can find pearls between different pieces of furniture, but also smaller pieces of decoration such as lamps and clocks. The range of books includes a range of different writers, plenty of choice for the bookworm of your company!

Friday – Place du Grand Jardin & Place Maréchal Juin

On Friday you can visit both Place du Grand Jardin and Place Maréchal Juin for a market of clothing, accessories and food. Here too the offer corresponds to the offer from the previous days.

Saturday – Place du Grand Jardin

Finally, there is a food market on Saturday with organic and locally produced products. Here you can enjoy products that are organically produced, with a high nutritional value and natural flavors!

Around park: 2km

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