Discover Nice on the French Riviera

You will certainly be familiar with the Promenade des Anglais, the Baie des Anges or the Place Massena, but Nice is full of other sights that will enhance your stay in Vence!

Located 20 minutes from our residence Evancy Les Jardins d'Azur, Nice is a tourist city that is worth a visit, here are our suggestions:


The museums of Nice

Matisse Museum
This museum makes it possible to follow the artistic evolution of the painter Matisse who lived in Nice from 1914 until his death in 1954.

Liscaris Palace
This museum has the Musée de France label and is dedicated to the art and music of the 17th and 18th centuries.

Museum of prehistory of terra amata
The museum presents the behaviour and the way of life of the first people of Nice who had set up their huts on a beach and hunted elephant, rhino or deer.

Jules Cheret Museum of Fine Art
The painting and sculpture collections cover five centuries of history: primitive Italian 15th-16th century sacred art, Flemish 17th,18th French and Italian painting, 19th and 20th century French sculpture and painting: Vanloo, Fragonard, Dufy, Chéret, the Barbizon School, Le Bronzino, G.A Mossa, Rodin, Carpeaux.

Museum of Natural History
Created in the middle of the 19th century, the Museum is a true memory of Mediterranean nature, for a better knowledge of regional biodiversity.

Marc Chagall National Museum
The Musée national Marc Chagall in Nice, a monographic and thematic museum, was born of the artist's desire to bring together in a single place his most important work on the Bible: the 17 canvases that make up the Biblical Message.


Local Markets in Nice

Here you are spoilt for choice, whether it's for food, flowers, flavours or colours, there is something for everyone, every day and every hour!

The night-time craft market

A nightly summer craft market that animates the Cours Saleya from mid-May to mid-September. During the refreshing summer evenings, admire the jewellery, pottery and paintings made with passion by Nice's craftsmen. A great idea for a stroll before dinner!

Cours Saleya fruit, vegetable and fish market

The fruit and vegetable market takes place from Tuesday to Sunday from 6am to 1pm.

Liberation fruit and vegetable market

You will find fruit, vegetables, flowers, beautiful fish and some products from local producers: honey, cheese... Place du Général De Gaulle, every day except Monday.

Place du Palais market

This market is a delight for collectors and readers. But also artistic products and postcards. Place du Palais de Justice.

Opening hours: Winter 07:00-17:00 Summer 07:00-19:00 Saturday only

Flower market in Cours Saleya

It will be difficult to resist the multicoloured geraniums, the intense mauve fuchsias, the anemone-flowered dahlias and the bright impatiens offered by the nurserymen. If you allow yourself to stroll in front of these harmonious floral arrangements, it is a whiff of scents, a bouquet of colours, plants and exotic flowers that awaits you. This market is classified by the National Council of Culinary Arts as one of the exceptional markets in France!

See you every Sunday!

Fish market

The advantage of Nice is that it is located by the sea and this opens the field of possibilities in terms of culinary recipes based on fish: give free rein to your cooking talents and drop by to glean some good products: see you at Place Toja, every day except Monday!

Local Dishes

La Socca

Recipe based on flour and chickpeas. Well, say like that ... it does not sell the dream but we assure you that it is very good !

The salade niçoise

Contrary to what many people think: no rice! Or potatoes. Why not? Because no cooked food, except eggs, should disturb this recipe. Afterwards, you can put whatever you want in it (or almost). Rumour has it that only authentic Nice people know which foods to add, or not, to their salad, so run to a restaurant in Nice and enjoy!

La Pissaladière

No, it's not a dandelion salad! It's a pie. On a pastry with a delicate scent of oregano and olive oil, spread a thin layer of onion fondue, anchovies and small black olives. All these ingredients can be found in local markets! No more excuses not to go for it !

The little stuffed niçois

Zucchini, eggplant, tomato, onion. This is not the latest recipe for the street corner kebab but the list of basic ingredients of "Lu Farcit Nissart" ("the little stuffed niçois" in niçois) that you stuff with egg, breadcrumbs, minced meat, grated cheese and, of course, olive oil. Decorate the whole with golden breadcrumbs and enjoy! Or if not, enjoy it in a restaurant, at least you won't have to do anything!

The zucchini flower fritters

Attention, this recipe requires male flowers and not female flowers! They give the fritters a subtle and delicate taste, to lick your fingers!

We leave you, on these good words, we will eat!

Other interesting informations

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