Museum Picasso

Museum Picasso

In Antibes, about a fifteen minutes drive from your stay in Vence, you will find the Château Grimaldi. This castle was built in the twelfth century on the foundations of Antipolis, an ancient Greek city. In the sixteenth century the castle was thoroughly renovated, inside you will find some authentic sixteenth-century elements, with a fresco from Antoine Aundi in the chapel as a showpiece.

From 1385 to 1608 the castle served as the residence of the Grimaldis, the family to whom the building also owes its name. In 1946, the famous artist Pablo Picasso was allowed to use part of the castle as atelier. Later, in 1966, the Museum Picasso was officially opened in the castle. This was also the first museum in the world to be dedicated entirely to Picasso. Here you will find the works of Picasso that he made during his stay in the castle but other artists also exhibit their works here.

For those who love art, this place is definitely worth a visit. The combination of the authentic castle with stunning views over the Mediterranean Sea makes it all complete.



Prom. Amiral de Grasse
06600 Antibes


+33 4 92 90 54 28

Around park: 15km

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