Tourist Guide Le Touquet

A little bit of history... The origins of Paris-Plage

In 1837, Alphonse Daloz, a Parisian notary, bought the Domaine du Touquet, a still wild territory. In 1855 he decided to plant a large quantity of maritime pines in order to fix the dune. A vast forest was created and today the reputation of the destination is well known.

Monsieur Daloz regularly invited his Parisian friends to stay on his estate for hunting parties. One of his friends, Hippolyte de Villemessant, then founder of the newspaper Le Figaro, advised him to create a seaside resort in Le Touquet in 1874.

It was in 1882 that the housing estate named "Paris-Plage" was inaugurated. The name speaks for itself, the objective was to create a holiday resort for the Parisian sphere... The development of the railways in 1900 which linked Paris to Le Touquet in 3 hours only accentuated the growth of the destination.

Seaside architecture

The resort, created in 1882, traces its history through the architecture of its villas! Whether in Quételart, neo-classical, Art Deco or neo-medieval style, the town surprises with its innovative architecture! The post-war villas of Touquett have made the reputation of the seaside resort but there is still so much to learn... The tourist office offers guided tours on this subject!

The weather at Le Touquet Paris Plage

You are probably wondering what you should pack for a trip to the Opal Coast during which a stopover in Le Touquet is planned! Don't worry, there are only a few days of snow (on average 7 days per year), but there are 1678 hours of sunshine each year, which is about 16 hours more than in Paris!

The average temperature is 17 degrees, so ok we don't go for a walk in a sarong, but don't bother to bring the big turtleneck jumper either!



It is obvious that the streets of Le Touquet reflect the image of the seaside resort. Here, each shop is clearly an incentive to redo your wardrobe with the biggest brands or redo your interior decoration.

More than 300 shops welcome you in this open-air gallery, which, as the seasons go by, allows you to fill up on inspiration.


Nestled between golden sandy beaches and dunes as far as the eye can see, Le Touquet's thalassotherapy centre is here to help you feel better. Come and admire the panoramic view over the Channel, the place calls for calm and serenity. Doctors, physiotherapists and beauticians will provide you with the care you need. 


A desire for adrenaline? In addition to its restaurant, the Le Touquet Casino Barrière offers slot machines, table games and electronic games.


Once past the rue St jean, stroll to the Halles du Touquet every Thursday and Saturday morning as well as on Mondays in summer for the pleasure of your eyes and your stomach! 

Here you can stock up on shellfish, freshly caught fish, olives, meat, organic vegetables, in short, just enough to fill your basket for a successful stay!

A little tip: take the opportunity to buy the famous "Ratte du Touquet", this potato with a subtle chestnut taste which is the muse of the great starred chefs.