Sports Activities Le Touquet Paris Plage - Tourism & Holidays Guide


It is an emblematic sport of the Opal Coast! Since 1904, Le Touquet has been welcoming amateurs and experienced golfers on 3 courses, ranked among the 100 most beautiful European sites. Take a look around and you will understand why Le Touquet has adopted the caddy as its emblem!
At Le Touquet golf course, there are 2 18-hole courses and a 9-hole course. Every year, around 40,000 visitors tease the ball at the Touquet Golf Resort.


A visit to Le Touquet inevitably means an experience in windsurfing!  The resort's beach is an ideal environment to try out this sensational sport! Moreover, Le Touquet regularly hosts national and international competitions. In addition to providing unique sensations, sand yachting is a unique spectacle not to be missed.


After sand yachting, horses have a predominant place in Le Touquet. You will find one of the most beautiful French sites dedicated to horses at the Equestrian Park where beginners and experienced jockeys rub shoulders. Horse lovers, you are at home here!
The horse experience in Le Touquet is not reserved for the great competitors as many activities are proposed: Baby pony, carriage rides, riding lessons, acrobatics are available to the general public. 
It is also possible to be a movie star and gallop on the sand, hair blowing in the wind, while watching the waves breaking on the sand. You don't know how to ride a horse but you like the world? Don't worry, you can join this universe for a horse race! Because it's always more intense in real life than at the PMU!


Hello tennis friends! Your colleagues Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic started here, at the Centre Tennistique Pierre de Coubertin, the first clay court tennis centre in France. 

Horse riding at Le Touquet Paris Plage on the Opal Coast
Tennis at Le Touquet Paris Plage on the Opal Coast