Situated on the Picardy coastline, the Bay of the Somme is now internationally recognised for its ecological wealth and is considered a bird sanctuary thanks to the richness of its environments, which offer favourable conditions for sedentary and migratory birds.

It benefits from an exceptional location, which makes it the ideal place to spend a weekend with your family, less than 3 hours from major cities such as Brussels, Paris or Lille. From Fort Mahon to Cayeux-sur-Mer we take you on a journey of discovery of this authentic destination where you will never be bored! 

6 things to do in the somme bay

The bay of the Somme is not only considered one of the most beautiful estuaries in the world, but it is also full of things to do and see. A great natural area that you will love to discover near Abbeville and Berck sur Mer

Seaside resort in the bay of Somme

Visit the Marquenterre ornithological park

Put on your boots and take your binoculars with you! The Marquenterre Park is a bird park located in the Somme Bay. It is 250 hectares of marshes, forests and dunes where more than 300 species of migratory birds live. Among them, you will probably have the chance to meet some species such as swans or gulls for example. 

You can decide to visit the park on your own by following the signposted routes. During your walk, you will find several animal observation posts where you can stop to take your time and observe the surroundings.

If you choose a guided tour, the naturalist guides will be there to tell you everything you need to know about this protected area and the way of life of its small inhabitants. Many themed activities are also regularly organised in the park. For example, it is possible to take part in an animal photography course, an outing accompanied by a tasting of local products or a special outing during high tides. All of this accompanied by professionals who love their territory. 

Practical information to prepare your visit to the Marquenterre Park: 

The park is open all year round except on January 1st and December 25th. Opening times vary according to the time of year, so we recommend that you consult them before your visit. Concerning the prices, admission to the park for an adult is €10.50 and for children (up to 16 years old) it is €7.90. Admission is free for children under 6 years of age. 

You can even book your visit in advance directly on the official website of the Marquenterre Park


Do you dream of being able to observe seals in their natural environment? Welcome to the Somme Bay ! The Bay of the Somme has the largest seal colony in France. It would be a shame to miss this magnificent spectacle. There are several possible observation points in the Baie de Somme, here are our recommendations: 

- La Pointe du Hourdel: this is the entrance point to the Somme Bay and probably one of the best places to observe seals. They are usually present 3 hours before low tide and for a few hours afterwards: so be sure to check the tide times before coming! It would be a shame to miss this unforgettable moment because of the tide. Also bring binoculars, as the seals can sometimes be a bit far away. Also be careful when the tide comes in: a bay is still a dangerous place and certain precautions should be taken when walking around. 

- To make sure you don't miss the seals, we recommend that you move away from the Somme Bay and then go up to the Baie d'Authie, where you will certainly be able to see them from Berck-sur-Mer. In the water or on a sandbank: impossible to miss them! 

- Trips are also regularly organised by canoe or kayak for example. This is notably the case from Saint Valéry sur Somme. Find out more about these sea trips on the website of the Somme tourist office

Discover St Valéry sur Somme

Saint-Valery sur Somme is known as a small seaside resort typical of the Picardy coastline, but also as a medieval town. Over the years, St Valery has retained its own charm with its flowered streets, its port and its ramparts! You will love discovering this small town and stopping in one of its restaurants to taste typical dishes such as salicorne or ficelle picarde. 

Go and see the cliffs of Ault

This time, head for the south of the Bay of the Somme ! Ault is a small town on the cliffs that we recommend you visit during your stay in the region. The cliffs of Ault remind us sometimes of those of Cap Blanc Nez on the Opal Coast and sometimes of Etretat in Normandy. If the cliffs offer us a landscape that is both breathtaking and rejuvenating, Ault is a small and charming fishing village. Far from mass tourism, Ault is a timeless place to relax and spend a day with the family. 

Enjoying beautiful beaches like Quend-plage

The beaches in the Somme Bay often stretch for several kilometres. Vast spaces that allow you to get together with your family: you'll never have trouble finding a place to put your towel down! Beautiful beaches punctuate the Picardy coastline and among them we particularly recommend you to go to the small seaside resort of Quend Plage les Pins. 

Learn about outdoors activities

The Baie de Somme is full of activities and things to do. A stay in the region can be an opportunity to try different outdoor activities such as sand yachting, guided walks or horse riding. If you are with your family, why not take a steam train ride across the Baie de Somme? Many of these activities are accessible from several seaside resorts along the Baie de Somme such as Le Crotoy or Fort Mahon. 

Cliffs of Ault in the Somme Bay

Holiday rentals near the Baie de Somme

If you would like to take advantage of your visit to the Somme Bay to enjoy a short family holiday in the area, we recommend that you stay at our Trésors d'Opale residence. Located a little further north of the Bay of the Somme, our residence is situated 250 metres from the beach at Camiers Sainte-Cécile on the Opal Coast. Choosing Trésors d'Opale means staying in fully equipped accommodation and enjoying a brand new outdoor swimming pool! 

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