People often forget the wealth of downtown Calais. The city centre proves that Calais is more than just the channel tunnel and the port.

The town is a collection of historical monuments, such as the Tour du Guet and the citadel. You should also pay a visit to the belfry. Climb the stairs to the top of the 75 meters high building and enjoy the beautiful view over the city. But the pièce de résistance of Calais is undoubtedly “The Citizens of Calais”, a masterpiece of sculptor Rodin. Do you want to learn more about this famous sculptor? Then you should definitely go to the Museum of Fine Arts! Are you rather interested in the Second World War? Then ‘Musée de Mémoire 39-45’ is just the place for you! Make your way along these monuments and go looking for the history of this great city.

P.S. In search of the most beautiful city panorama? Then the Calais lighthouse is where you should go. You have the most amazing view here over the city, the harbour and the sea. When it’s beautiful outside, you can even sometimes see the English coastline!

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