Grande Site de Frances des Deux Caps

The coast line of the French Opal Coast is dominated by the Cape Blanc-Nez and the Cape Gris-Nez, beautiful cliffs of chalk near the city of Calais. You can reach the Cape Blanc-Nez easily driving to the small city of Escalles.

These cliffs of chalk are compared a lot to their English colleagues “The white cliffs of Dover”. Behind the beautiful, white rocks of Cape Blanc-Nez, there is a nice beach, perfect for hiking and sunbathing during summertime. A real must is the La Boucle du Cap itinerary, a beautiful hike of three kilometres in the nice surroundings of the cape.

In need of even more nature? Drive a little bit further and visit Cape Gris-Nez. When it’s not cloudy, you can even see the English coast!

Around park: 104km

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