Saint-Joseph Village

Saint-Joseph Village

The village of Saint-Joseph was originally a family project: a reconstruction of a small village from the 1900s. Nestled in a bucolic setting, it's a real little haven of peace that's great for families to visit. Depending on the month of the year, when you come to visit Saint-Joseph village, the setting will be different, as the site is located in the middle of nature. It's located in Guînes, just a stone's throw from the Guines marsh educational park, so it can be interesting to visit both at the same time! 

 Here, traditional trades are being revived: blacksmiths, forges, sawmills, clockmakers and grocers. Everything is just as it used to be! You can discover the traditions of yesteryear and immerse yourself in the life of the last century. What were houses like back then? The corner shop? What were the trades and skills of the time? You'll learn all about an era that left its mark on history. 

At the end of your visit, you can even sample regional specialities and play old-fashioned games in the estaminet. The village of Saint-Joseph can be visited all year round, but opening days and times vary according to the time of year, so be sure to check this on their website with your visit. Admission for adults aged 16 and over is €11.50, but special rates are available for students, senior citizens and younger visitors. Family passes are also on sale: the ideal for an intergenerational visit! 

Group visits are also possible, so don't hesitate to contact the managers of Saint Joseph Village to arrange a visit.


2450 1er Banc
62340 Guînes


+33 (0)3 21 35 64 05



Around park: 16km

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