Nature reserve Platier d’Oye

Do you want to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life? Then you’re in the right place! The immense nature reserve of Platier d'Oye (391 ha!) lays just around the corner of Evancy Oye-Plage and is the ideal destination to go hiking or to ride a bike, while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

It’s also a paradise for birdwatching, since the nature reserve is the safe haven for numerous rare birds. You can spot over 230 different bird species here! Platier d’Oye is actually the first stop birds make while heading south for the winter.

Evancy recommendation : Every first Sunday of the month, a guided tour starts at 9h30 from parking lot L’observatoire, Route des Dunes (just to be clear, this is not the parking lot next to the Evancy residence, but the parking lot 1km further, near to la Tour Penchée (Price: 3€ for adults, kids can partipicate for free).

Around park: 2km

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