In the heart of the Opal Coast, between Calais and Dunkirk, lays one of the most beautiful villages of France: Gravelines. This historical town is completely walled and surrounded by canals. Wander around in the cosy, little streets, discover the beautiful historical buildings and take beautiful pictures at one of the various scenic viewpoints that overlook the river Aa.

Gravelines’ current form is the work of Vauban, who gave the village its typical star shaped pattern in the 17th century. The Dutch town of Sluis has a similar pattern. You can divide Gravelines in 4 parts: the historical centre, Petit-Fort-Philippe, Grand-Fort-Philippe and Les Huttes.

Evancy recommendation: Take a stroll on the city walls, where you have the best view on the city centre and the surrounding areas.

Around park: 6km

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