The Palace of the Universe and Sciences (PLUS)

Visit the Palace of the Universe and Sciences and follow the guide on an amazing journey to the centre of life, earth and the universe! Discover the interactive track and learn everything there is to know about the world around us, the evolution of the earth and how we can protect our planet. And let’s not forget about the universe: dream away at the planetarium and launch a satellite… After your visit, the universe has no secrets anymore!

Evancy recommendation: The Palace organizes plenty of workshops for children, check the website or ask more information at the reception.

At the reception, You can request a free audio guide in Dutch, French and English (on presentation of an ID).

More information here: http://www.le-plus.fr/accueil/



Rue du Planétarium
59180 Capelle-la-Grande


+33 (0)8 00 53 75 87



Around park: 59km

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