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The Patron Saint's Day of Saint Elisabeth

Held at the beginning of August

This patron saint's day has been part of the tradition of Vence for 90 years with balls. During these festivities, the public is invited to enjoy a variety of highlights: a feast of ravioli, trap-ball, dances, folk dances, free balls... An immersion in the world of the people of Vence as we like it!

les nuits du sud festival

Twenty-one years of concerts in the central square of Vence, transformed for the occasion into an ephemeral concert hall.

A square in the heart of the city that has seen all the big names in music, the artists of tomorrow and the regional start-ups make family and friends dance.



Flagship elements of the heritage of Vence, admire the fountains decorated with flowers for the occasion. Valuable to the population and farmers, they have always had a strong relationship with the city, which dedicates this special day to them with music, song and dance.

On the program :

  • Historical Show "La Reine Jeanne et les eaux du Malvan" / Fernand Moutet Esplanade
  • Music walk around the fountains / City centre
  • Aperitif and Baleti in the evening.

A complete list of events organised in Vence is available here