Beaches in Bray-Dunes - Travel & Holiday Guide

We won't hide it, if we come to Bray-Dunes it's to see the sea and its large stretches of fine sandy beach!

The beach of Bray-Dunes, located in the North of France, is 10km long! And yes, it's quite impressive! Both ends are bordered by beautiful dunes protected by natural sites (Dunes du Perroquet and Dune Marchand).

Here is a presentation of the 3 main beaches of this seaside resort on the Opal Coast near the Belgian border!


The beach of the Dune Marchand is shared between the town of Bray-Dunes and Zuydcoote. Totally wild, this beach is bordered by a protected natural site managed by the Conservatoire du Littoral. This sandy beach offers a magnificent setting for nature lovers and those looking for peace and quiet. You can also see some blockhouses and several wrecks which can only be discovered at low tide, so make sure you arrive at the right time!

Note that this beach is not supervised. Dogs on a leash are allowed on the beach (but not in the dunes or on the paths). You can also practice sand yachting.


The West beach of Bray-Dunes stretches along the Digue de la Mer from the Marchand dunes to the centre of the seaside resort. Bordered by numerous residences and a pleasant pedestrian promenade, the end of this beach is reserved for beach sports (sand yachting, windsurfing, etc.), so avoid putting your towel down for a swimming break, as you may be in the way! If you go towards the town centre, you will find a supervised area, the rest of the beach is not supervised.

Please note that dogs are allowed on a lead on this beach outside the supervised area. There is also a boat ramp for water sports activities.


The last French beach and the most northerly beach, the Perroquet beach of Bray Dunes offers a totally wild environment towards Belgium. Bordered by a protected natural site (with developed paths, ideal for walking), this vast sandy beach is bordered by imposing dunes.

However, be careful as swimming is not supervised. Note that dogs on a leash are tolerated on the seafront. Near the town centre of Bray-Dunes, there is an area where you can practice kitesurfing.

Sailboat on the beach of Bray-Dunes
Bray Dunes Beach Activities
Beach of Bray Dunes in front of Evancy Etoile de Mer