Menton is one of those towns that leave a lasting impression. The kind of town that shines and makes you feel more than ever on holiday. It became a small seaside resort at the end of the 19th century, and is an essential visit during a stay in the south of France! 

Why visit Menton?

The city of Menton is grandiose and the inhabitants of the commune, the Mentonnais, all agree with this idea! Located on the Italian border, between Monaco and Ventimiglia, Menton enjoys an exceptional location. Thanks to its proximity to Italy, it offers a foretaste of the dolce vita and a mild climate all year round. It is loved for its sunshine, but also for its atmosphere and colours, for its festivities, its art and its beautiful nature. It is also often less popular and less bling than the other cities on the French Riviera: the city exudes authenticity and simplicity of life under a Mediterranean influence.

Ville de Menton sur la Côte d'Azur

In short, Menton is synonymous with lightness and you are likely to love it for a good number of reasons! There are not only the big cities of Antibes, Nice or Monaco to discover on the French Riviera and we are going to prove it to you in these few lines about Menton. We take you to meet this typically Mediterranean city to help you prepare your visit or simply to make you dream. 

The lemon festival: the town's famous event! 

If there is one event not to be missed in Menton, it is the lemon festival! Every year in February, it brings the Menton area to life and animates it for a fortnight. 145,000 tons of citrus fruits are needed to create the many events: parades, shows.... It is a grandiose and colourful event that recalls the effervescence of carnivals all over the world. Every year thousands of people from all over the world come to celebrate the end of winter by attending this unusual and colourful show. 

The event can also be an opportunity for you to meet local producers. In Menton, you will find many small shops where you can find all sorts of products that can be created from citrus fruits. 

La fête du citron à Menton


We give you some ideas of things to do and see when visiting Menton! 


Menton is a picturesque and absolutely wonderful town. It offers a beautiful palette of colours, reflecting its gentle way of life. The buildings and small houses are dominated by three colours: yellow, pink and green. You will quickly realise that the old Menton has kept its artistic soul of the past. We advise you to stroll through the old town, which is structured around 3 main streets. These streets are named after Lampedusa, Capodana and Acquasoma, the three pirates who founded the town of Menton according to legend. You will love to get lost in this old town, between dead ends and architectural wonders. And speaking of architecture, if you must visit a building in Menton, head for the Basilica of Saint-Michel Archange or the Grimaldi Castle. 

A sunset over the bay of Menton you dreamed of? At the end of the day, we recommend you to go to the top of the hill! You will have an exceptional view on Menton, at the famous "golden hour" the city will be even more beautiful.


Menton has a number of lush gardens that are bathed in the region's subtropical climate. Many lemon trees bloom in the Menton area, but you will also find many other pretty things to discover! There is so much vegetation that Menton is often considered an open-air garden. Each of the gardens will allow you to immerse yourself in a different sensory atmosphere. Here are the main gardens that we recommend you to discover: 

* The Serre de la Madone garden

*The Maria Serena Garden

* The Fontana Rosa Garden

* The Val Rahmeh Garden: 


For that nothing better than a visit of the local market! We invite you to the Halles de Menton market. These welcome you every day from 7am to 1pm except on Monday. 


Whether you prefer to relax on a public or private beach, on a sandy or pebble beach, you are bound to find something to suit you in Menton! For example, you will find the Sablettes beach which is located near the old port (Garavan). It will delight all your little family as it is ideal for relaxing and swimming! It is also one of the most beautiful beaches in the town, as it offers a view of Menton and the surrounding mountains.

If the Sablettes beach does not suit you, you can also go to the many other beaches of Menton: the Hawaï beach, the Fossan beach or the Casino beach for example. In addition, you should know that the beaches are supervised from 1 July to 31 August. Spending a few hours by the sea is always a real pleasure and allows you to recharge your batteries! 

For more ideas on activities and things to visit in Menton and its surroundings, we recommend that you go directly to the website of the Menton tourist office. You are bound to find interesting things to do between the museums dedicated to Jean Cocteau, the old cemetery of the city, etc.


There is a multitude of things to do and places to discover near Menton. Discover the hinterland of Nice by driving only a few dozen kilometres from Menton. 

First idea: visit the small village of Saint-Agnès! It is the highest coastal village in Europe. 

Second idea: head for the Roya Valley! The valley is an exceptional natural park situated on the French-Italian border. You will find a typically Mediterranean landscape and a rather arid climate. You will love to discover the surrounding fauna and flora as you walk. For more information on this subject, visit the official website of the Breil sur Roya village tourist office.  

Third idea: travel a few more kilometres and visit the village of Vence. Authentic and typical of the Niçois hinterland, you will love discovering this village and its surroundings. 

Fourth idea: cross the Italian border and visit the town of Ventimiglia. 

Exceptional places that you will love to discover near Menton ! 


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