Fort-Mahon, the first resort of Marquenterre, welcome to the paradise of walkers and lovers of beautiful sandy beaches! Fort-Mahon is a commune in the Somme department (Picardy) in the Hauts-de-France between Quend-Plage and Berck sur Mer. Fort-Mahon is located between the Bay of the Somme and the Bay of the Authie, in short, on a coastline that makes you dream!


The history of a seaside resort like no other

Why the name "Fort-Mahon" when there has never been a fort on this shore! In reality, there are several explanations... A "mahon" means a poppy in Picardy, but "mahon", or "mahonnage", used to refer to a form of wrestling. It seems that the origin of the name comes from the island of Menorca, in Spain (in the Balearic Islands), conquered by the French, under Louis XV, in 1756. And there, in the port, stood the highest military fort in Europe: Fort Mahon. In 1886, private individuals asked the State for permission to install bathing cabins, and at the same time a movement to subdivide the dune cordon was set in motion, which led to strong urban growth. A chapel was created in 1891 for the needs of the bathers.

In 1899, the hamlet of Fort-Mahon was attached to the commune of Quend.

It was not until 26 years later, in 1923, that Fort-Mahon became a commune in its own right.

In 1930 there were already more than 1000 villas in the commune and a dozen hotels, numerous guesthouses, a casino, cafés, restaurants and a sea bathing organisation!

After the war, the resort developed more and more to become what we know today: an exceptional place that you will love to discover! Fort-Mahon is a town with a family atmosphere, and there is no shortage of ideas for activities around it. It is a must-see in the region and can be visited and revisited over the years. Why don't you come and make your own opinion of Fort Mahon Plage? 

Nature activities

 The Authie Dune Trail, ideal for families, offers walkers the opportunity to discover the pannes, these wet depressions with their rich biodiversity. Marked out and maintained walk punctuated with interpretation panels. A large part of the walk is in the sand (inaccessible to pushchairs).

Departure from rue de l'Authie.

Yellow markers

- Guided walk to meet the seals in the company of a passionate and fascinating guide! A great experience for the whole family where children will have stars in their eyes! Bookings can be made at the tourist office on

- Walk around the huts! In the heart of the Baie d'Authie, there are 75 hunting huts to discover and observe many species of animals!

- How about a game of golf? Renowned as the most beautiful golf course in the North of France, the Belle-Dune golf course offers a unique and technical course, in the heart of the dunes and the pine forest. This 18-hole golf course is located by the sea between Quend-Plage and Fort-Mahon-Plage (2 hours from Paris), in the most beautiful dune massif in Northern Europe.

Heritage walks

- The church: Located in Rue de la Plage, it was originally a house transformed into a chapel in 1891. In 1931, the construction of the present church was combined with the development of the seaside activity to welcome the first tourists. Louis Quételard, an architect from Berck, was chosen for its construction. He is best known for having created the Touquet lighthouse. Due to a lack of funds, the porch and bell tower were not built. This is why the bell is positioned in an atypical way.

The quality of the interior decoration is noteworthy: the stained glass windows in the choir are by Darquet, a glass painter from Amiens, and the walls are painted by Bourgeois and are dated 1938

- Rue du Jardin: You can see relics of the Second World War such as the blockhouses which are directly in the properties of the street. For the little anecdote, some Fort-Mahonnais families lived inside the blockhouses until the 1970s!

- Let's take a leap into the past by looking up to admire some superb villas

Grillon de Foyer: 1208 avenue de la Plage, built before 1945.

The Doodica-Radica Siamese villas: 961 avenue de la plage, built in 1908-1911

Ma Hutte: 671 avenue de la plage, built in 1911

La Cigale: 594 avenue de la plage, built in 1909

Villa Marmousets: 973 avenue de la plage, built in the last quarter of the 19th century

Treasure fishing!

Here, nature offers everything it can: shrimps, salicornia, cockles, solettes, crabs, shells, feathers, driftwood... No need to look for 12 to 14 hours, enjoy the simple things!

To do as a family

- Ride a pony across the Authie Bay

- Stroke the gentle goats of the Asinierie

- Exhaust yourself at the Aquaclub located between Quend-Plage and Fort-Mahon.

- Fill your bucket with shells and natural treasures

- Eating an ice cream without dropping it or tasting a chocolate pancake without getting it all over the place!

- Sailing on the Belle Dunes lake

- Tame a pony for an unforgettable ride

- Admire the landscape from your bike along the dike!

- Dress up and take part in all the parades

- Take a ride on the little train

To have your hair blowing in the wind : 

- Go catamaran sailing

- Get wet on the lanyard

- Try to hold on to your paddle

- Show your muscles on a kayak

- You can escape in a trimaran

- You can sail along the beach in a sand yacht

- We make young and old dream by flying our kite

- Climb on a horse for a horse ride on the beach 

For epicureans

Local specialities : 

- Seafood

- Salicornia

- Grey shrimp

- Beaten cake

- Sea buckthorn

- Mussels with marinara

- Bisteu (potato pâté)

- Maguette" goat's cheese

- Picardy twine

- Craft beer

Where to eat in Fort Mahon?

Le Homard Gourmand: In a warm setting, the restaurant Le Homard Gourmand invites you to taste its specialities, while contemplating the sea through its large windows. With a bit of luck, you will have the chance to talk to the chef Jacky Masse who carefully chooses his products, favouring short circuits! Reservation recommended at

La Hutterie: Restaurant offering traditional cuisine and regional specialities. You can also enjoy rum and cocktails at the bar.

L'Alcyone : Traditional cuisine in a pleasant setting, just a stone's throw from the beach, on the resort's main road. Come and enjoy a Moule-frites or a Pizza, a Burger or a Welsh, according to your wishes, in the air-conditioned room or on the sunny terrace.

Discover Fort Mahon and its surroundings

And if you want to go further afield, you can always go to Le Crotoy or Saint Valery sur Somme for example. The region is full of villages to visit and miles of walks will take you to discover an authentic nature. Several days will surely be necessary to fully enjoy Fort Mahon Plage and its surroundings! If you decide to cross the border between the Somme and the Pas de Calais you can even go and discover Berck-sur-Mer or Camiers Sainte-Cécile.

Fort Mahon Beach in de Baai van de Somme


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