When we talk about the Dunkirk area and its seaside resorts, the same names always come up: Bray-Dunes and Malo les Bains! It is often thought that Bray-Dunes is mainly visited by Belgians, while the people from Lille tend to go to Malo-les-Bains. However, there is no such thing as a general truth and these are two destinations that are worth a visit on the coast! 


Would you like to spend a holiday in Bray-Dunes? The town is located on the Belgian border, only a few minutes away from the seaside resort of De Panne and the famous theme park Plopsaland! It takes about 15 minutes to drive to Dunkirk and the beach of Malo-les-Bains. Both are very easy to get to, about an hour's drive from Lille and 1h45 from Brussels. If you want to come by public transport, you should choose Malo les Bains because it is very easy to reach it from Dunkirk station by bus or on foot. The ideal way to spend a weekend by the sea without spending all your time on the road. 

Bray Dunes beach near Dunkirk


The beaches of Bray-Dunes and Malo les Bains are both equivalent and different! The beach of Malo-les-Bains was made famous by the historic episode of Operation Dynamo in 1940. The beach of Bray-Dunes is longer: it stretches over 10 kilometres, giving holidaymakers and sportsmen the possibility to live together and take full advantage of this space.

Finally, you should know that the communes of Bray Dunes as well as Malo les Bains tolerate dogs on the beach if they are kept on a lead. 


Both Bray-Dunes and Malo les Bains are seaside resorts with a family atmosphere. There is therefore no shortage of activities and things to do and they are particularly lively during the summer months. With its long sandy beach, Bray-Dunes is ideal if you want to have space for various activities such as sand yachting or kite surfing. There are also many activities for young and old alike, such as children's playgrounds and bicycle hire. In Malo-les-Bains, the activities are also family-oriented and you can rent a rosalia or even go for a long-distance walk! 

If you are more interested in hiking or walking in the dunes, choose Bray-Dunes. You can enjoy the Marchand Dune or the Perroquet Dune: the best way to discover the local flora and fauna.

In terms of infrastructure, you can enjoy the nearby restaurants and shops in both Malo les Bains and Bray-Dunes. However, the whole Evancy team agrees that the Bray-Dunes promenade is surely one of the most pleasant on the coast!

In conclusion, both Bray-Dunes and Malo les Bains will seduce you! These are two very typical seaside resorts in the North of France. On the border between France and Belgium, they attract visitors from all over Europe. For more information on these two destinations, we recommend you read our Bray-Dunes tourist guide or visit the Dunkirk tourist office website